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Our Service

There is a consistent demand for diligent leadership. We believe true leadership starts with the development of oneself. Investing in others in life skills & mental awareness, equals intentional leadership & advocacy.

We advocate for civil rights, financial growth, mental awareness, proportionate leadership, mentorship, and life skills. Professional Black Firefighters Association of Tulsa, leads by action, molding our youth to become prudent, intentional, and consistent leaders & advocates for the Tulsa community.



Provides consultation and advisement of nondiscriminatory hiring and promotional practices. 


Civil Rights

Advocate for citizens who experience indistinguishable treatment of all citizens.



Strive for proportionate representation within executive leadership.


Fund Raising

Raise funds for sponsorships, scholarships, and internships for deserving students and families.

The services we render should be a direct reflection of what we value and take stock in, which in most cases is ourselves.
-Vice Chair Raymond L. Beard III

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